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Indigenous Agricultural Training Program for 2023
Our Mission: Promote economic self-sufficiency and environmental sustainability through Agricultural and Agri-food leadership.

The Project:
Fully funded Indigenous Agricultural Training Programs for Indigenous Communities
throughout BC.
Program length – two (2) Months Introductory Training
Program Goals:
 To increase awareness and provide practical hands-on training to address Food Security.
 Provide individuals with introductory skills to work in or create businesses in the Agricultural   Industry

The Benefits to Community Member Participants:

  •     All Training and certifications are FREE

  •    Child Care expenses and travel costs: Can apply for assistance    

  •     Training includes: food crops, forged crops, animal husbandry, bee keeping

  •     General understanding of maintenance and operation of machinery and tools

  •     Certifications upon completion include: First Aid, Food Safe

 Band Eligibility:
    Provide land for gardens OR for a green house
    Class room setting with WiFI for program curriculum
    Volunteers interested in supporting the program are welcome

Benefits to the Band:
    Meaningful training for Band Members
    20’ x40’ (may vary in size) FREE Green House    

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